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One of the great things about flooring is that you can sometimes install a new floor right on top of the old one. For example, if you have an old hardwood floor, you can often have carpet put down on top of it. You may even be able to have stone or ceramic tile laid down on top of the hardwood, too. This saves you the hassle of having to remove the original floor first. Keep in mind, this is just one of many clever tricks that flooring contractors know. You'll probably discover more of them on this blog, where it's our goal to share information about flooring.



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Benefits Of Thick Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular product for many reasons, including its versatility. You can find this type of flooring in many different styles, making it a good choice for several areas of your home. When you compare different vinyl flooring products as you shop, one thing to note is the thickness of the flooring. During in-person shopping, you can easily identify thicker products by feel; when shopping online, you can determine the thickness by reading the product description. A lot of people favor buying thick vinyl flooring whenever possible, as it offers the following benefits.


If you were to stand on a thick vinyl flooring product and a thin vinyl flooring product, you'd immediately notice that the former is significantly softer underfoot than the latter. This is especially important in areas of your home where you do a lot of standing, such as the kitchen. You don't want your heels and the balls of your feet to get sore because you elected to buy a thin flooring product. Although a thicker product will generally cost a little more money, you'll appreciate this investment when you realize how soft it is.


Thicker vinyl flooring can also feel warmer in certain areas of your home. A lot of people choose vinyl as the flooring type in their basements. This flooring will go down over the concrete floor, and the concrete feels cool — especially in the winter months. The coolness of the concrete can easily come through a thin vinyl floor and be easy to feel with your feet, which may be not ideal if your family spends a lot of time in the basement during the winter. Thicker vinyl has better insulative quality, helping to feel warmer underfoot.

More Durable

The thicker the vinyl planks you choose for your floor, the more durability they will offer. This is important because you want your floor to have a like-new appearance for as long as possible. Thinner products can suffer dents that result from impacts. For example, if you drop a canned product on your kitchen floor, the sharp edge of the can may cause a dent in a thinner vinyl floor. When the vinyl is thicker, it will do a better job of resisting this type of damage. To learn more about luxury vinyl flooring and pick out a type that will work well in one or more areas of your home, visit a local flooring supply store or browse its website.