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Don't Tile Over This!

One of the great things about flooring is that you can sometimes install a new floor right on top of the old one. For example, if you have an old hardwood floor, you can often have carpet put down on top of it. You may even be able to have stone or ceramic tile laid down on top of the hardwood, too. This saves you the hassle of having to remove the original floor first. Keep in mind, this is just one of many clever tricks that flooring contractors know. You'll probably discover more of them on this blog, where it's our goal to share information about flooring.



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Are You Ready For New Bathroom Cabinets?

Bathroom cabinets are designed to be as appealing as they are functional, and you may not think about upgrading to new cabinets until you do a remodeling project or your existing cabinets fall apart. Many flooring and remodeling companies also do cabinetry, and it's wise to upgrade your cabinets if you are having floors done anyway since you have to clear out space for new floors.

Do you need new bathroom cabinets? Here, you can check out the benefits of cabinets for your bathroom so you can decide if the upgrade is worth it to you.

You have a small budget, but you want a bathroom renovation

If you want to remodel your bathroom but you don't have a lot of money to spend, stick to upgrading the cabinetry over redoing floors, tile, or even paint. The reason why is simple: cabinets are what make your bathroom functional and are often the focal point of the space. Even if your floors are dated ceramic or your walls are avocado green, if you have new modern cabinets, your bathroom will look more updated.

You have a small bathroom and want it to be more comfortable

A smaller bathroom can be hard to keep organized without it feeling cramped. If you want to give your bathroom a modern feel that is easy to appreciate in the smaller space, upgrade to new cabinets or have cabinets installed for the first time if your bathroom is lacking drawers, shelves, and private space. Even a single set of cabinets can make a smaller bathroom much more organized, functional, and easy to enjoy.

You have broken or too-small cabinets

If your bathroom's current cabinets are too small to hold everything you have, are broken and don't have opening doors or drawers, or have other functioning issues, then it's time for an upgrade. Otherwise, these cabinets are just taking up space. You can save money on the remodel by taking out your old cabinets, making way for your cabinet specialist to put new ones in.

You can pay for a single set of basic cabinets to save money or you can have custom bathroom cabinets made to give your bathroom a unique and streamlined appeal. Cabinets can be stained or painted nearly any color you wish, so it's easy to match any cabinets to your existing or changing bathroom theme. For installation, you'll need a quote from your local flooring and cabinetry specialist. This way, you can budget accordingly for the purchase of your new cabinets. Contact a cabinet supplier near you to learn more.